HTc, which recently made overtures about software support on older handsets, has made some poignant moves of late. They separated some apps form Sense, placing them in the Play Store rather than keep them in their Android skin. Now HTC has confirmed that Sense 6.0 will be coming to the older One before June.

Via Twitter, HTC America President Jason Miller confirmed that older handsets will get Sense 6.0 “by [the] end of May”. The simple confirmation is great news for those who still have the older One and can’t (or just don’t want to) upgrade. HTC didn’t note when the updates would start, but at least they gave an end date.

HTC also didn’t give us a carrier rollout timeframe for the update. Thinking back to HTC’s infographic about the update process, we remember that it all bottlenecks with carriers. We can assume, given the timeframe HTC provided, they’ve already got carrier approval for the older One.

Sense 6.0, with its apps having been seperated from the UI, should make the older device feel wholly new for many users. Between the revamped skin and updated Blinkfeed, many users may not even notice they’re using an older device at all. Those who are anxious can keep tabs on HTC’s update page, where they’ve been forthcoming about OS updates in the past. For now, we’ll take it as a positive note that HTC has found a way to keep current with both Android and Sense, because the duo work really well together.

Source: Twitter