When Google started splitting services from Android proper, it was stroke of genius. Take things like Keyboard or Search and make them standalone apps, then update as needed. It keeps things fresh, and HTC clearly took note. They’ve released a few of their new services as apps onto Google Play, making it easier to support their products across their lineup.

Blinkfeed, Sense TV, and HTC Service Pack have all made their way to the Play Store, which means good things for those who own HTC handsets. First, HTC can update their apps as needed, making changes as they see fit. By divorcing their services from the OS proper, HTC can better address issues or add customer wish-list items.

This also makes it easier for HTC to update Sense, and put Sense 6.0 onto existing handsets that are on Sense 5.5 or worse. We’ve seen Motorola do this to much success recently, and they technically had Android 4.4 ready to roll ahead of some Nexus devices. That was due to Motorola having their apps separate from their skin, slight as it is.

We’ve all seen HTC’s infographic on how updates work. By supporting services as apps — and separate from Sense — it should make the update process a bit easier for HTC, and likely faster. The insinuation here is that HTC will get nimbler regarding their apps and services, bringing each of their handsets up to date faster, keeping everyone on the same page.