HTC promised everyone that come August we would be able to unlock our bootloaders and so far they have stayed true to their promise. Word on the street is is now allowing users to unlock the European HTC Sensation. The last thing we heard is they would offer this via an online web-based tool and it appears that has gone live this morning.

If you head over the you’ll find all the details as well as that “Unlock Bootloader” option near the bottom right to get started. While we can’t test this out on our T-Mobile Sensation 4G I’m sure there is hundreds of users over at XDA doing it this exact moment so be sure to check that out. Many of us have already unlocked and rooted our devices with the recent Revolutionary tool released by some popular developers.

When you get to the bootloader page over at HTCDev you’ll see the above image showing only the European HTC Sensation is available for unlock currently. We should be seeing more devices receive the green light soon. I have a feeling we will see the T-Mobile Sensation 4G and the EVO 3D before the end of the month, but that is only if this initial start goes well. HTC has had plenty of time to test the procedure so it should be pretty solid.

Remember you’ll have to sign up, agree to their terms and even give them your full contact information and email address but its worth it in my opinion. I’m sure the site will remind you but this will void your warranty of course. Get started at and enjoy that unlocked HTC Sensation.



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