If you’ve got a TouchPad and you’re here reading Android Community, chances are you know what CyanongenMod 7 is and what it means for TouchPad users. Last we spoke, CyanogenMod was THIS CLOSE to being complete – of course even THIS CLOSE is relative, so we’re still not quite there yet. That said, some intrepid folks out there in alpha-build-land have taken it upon themselves to benchmark the still incomplete software / hardware combo. Would you like to know more? Click!

Of course getting CyanogenMod working on your TouchPad isn’t the only reason why you may have purchased the ultra-inexpensive tablet, reading John Scheible’s analysis of the situation should give you a handful of reasons why an Android user may have jumped on the situation. It’s time to take a check though of what it could basically feel like to roll with the Cyan flavoring of Android via some basic benchmark tests. A mister fattire from RootzWiki took a few minutes out of his otherwise busy day to rack up these tests for you!

The closest to average scores for Linpack were as follows:

MFLOPS 70.958
Time: 2.38 seconds
Norm Res: 3.24
Precision 2.220446049250313E-16

[single thread]
MFLOPS: 44.333
Time 1.89 Seconds
Norm Res 5.68
Precision: 2.220446049250313E-16

Then there’s some information on Quadrant and frames per second tests:

~28fps on the fractal thing ~6fps (!) on the staircase ~60fps (!) on the planets, & 25 fps on the DNA.

And the final score is thus: 2753.

Mister fattire reminds us of course that all of this is for fun for so many more reasons than one, and to take it all with a grain of salt and pepper.