If you’ve been watching the HP TouchPad Android ports news lately you’ll know that things are slowly but surely getting there. Developers are making some great progress with Android for the failed HP Slate that recently has seen huge sales thanks to the $99 firesale price. The developers TouchDroid, are hard at work and have a booting and running CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3.5 port for the TouchPad but things are still very beta.

Today we have another video to tease everyone with showing off not only CM7 booting, but full touch support with 10 point multi-touch fully functioning. Not only is everything working but it appears extremely quick, responsive, and we don’t see any lag from the video. This my friends is what we call progress! While I’m sure things are still a long ways away from being fully functional, this is a great start and enough to get plenty of users excited.

The last video we saw things were not too far along and nothing was working but today’s shown above shows not only the progress that has been made, but that things are moving quite fast thanks to team TouchDroid. They still have a long ways to go but I figured a few would be glad to see the video and the TouchPad in action. Stay tuned as we will be keeping our watchful eye on the TouchPad as more develops.

[via Android Police]



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