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Too much drama in India as OnePlus and Cyanogen goes head-to-head, even if Cyanogen already clarified the OnePlus situation. But some good news folks, the Delhi High Court has recently overtuned the sales ban. Yes, the sales ban has been lifted so you can now buy a OnePlus one device in India.

The ban was earlier imposed as part of a legal battle involving OnePlus, Cyanogen Inc, and Micromax. OnePlus can continue selling its mobile phones because the court says OnePlus and Micromax are not in direct competition. The court previously upheld the Micromax-Cyanogen deal and ordered that OnePlus stop selling phones in the Indian market. However, the High Court found the first ruling to not meet the requirements. Why, not enough time was given to both sides to show evidence and explain their sides and that the two are not really competing for the same market territory. Micromax and OnePlus sell their devices at different price points with Micromax selling its phones about one third of the price OnePlus handsets.

The battle isn’t over yet because OnePlus and Cyanogen were give a deadline of two weeks to explain and submit a written statement against the claims. The High Court thinks a proper debate must be set to understand the technical matters of this particular case.

This is an interesting twist seemingly in favor of OnePlus and with Cyanogen as the “villain”. Of course, it was the latter who first broke the deal, tying up another deal in India with Micromax despite the earlier agreement with OnePlus.

SOURCE: India Times