Are you having issues with Android 4.4? You’re not alone. Via Google’s product forum, a litany of issues have come up, ranging from poor battery life to download issues. While we don’t expect a flawless Android, we don’t expect to see so many nagging issues, either.

When Google rolled out yet another Android 4.4 update, we were a bit dismayed. Considering some of our Nexus devices would, at the time 4.4.2 was released, be two full updates behind, we were a touch annoyed. First, the entire concept of the Nexus program was called into question by it. As if that weren’t cause for concern, many quietly wondered if Google had screwed up more than we know, as two updates went out in quick succession.

Many issues haven’t been solved with the transition to Android 4.4.2, either. In fact, one thread in particular notes that the 4.4.2 update doesn’t even take to some devices. Many users — and the Nexus 4 seems to be a culprit, here — can’t get the update at all, and receive error messages when trying to load the update. As is often the case, Google is offering no remedy or explanation via their forums as users feel the distress.

Google product forum message

The newest update(s) centered around the camera on the Nexus 5, but it seems as though there are still problems there as well. While users note still images snapped with the Nexus 5 have improved, they lament the video quality, especially at night. This all comes after the 4.4.2 update, too, with many feeling that 4.4 was better for shooting video. Again, no response or help from Google.

Battery drains, media storage crashes, and even the inability to accept incoming calls. These are all Android 4.4.2 issues, and all noted in the Google product forums. We have found no instances of Google forum managers offering a response, either. As we noted with Motorola, humility goes a long way, and maybe Google should take a page from their book.