Several reports have come out this morning noting the Moto G will see a delay in shipping due to severe winter weather. Some have it shipping as late as December 14th, while others report it shipping a lot sooner. We are seeing a Moto X order arriving tomorrow, so we’re wondering what is going on, here.

Officially, Motorola is sending out letters noting the shipment of the Moto G will be delayed until the 14th due to the storm, which has affected their Texas fulfillment center. That’s the same factory that pumps out the Moto X, which is curiously seeing no such delay. Some others who ordered from Amazon are seeing their shipping date as today, with an arrival of tomorrow.

It seems as though those who ordered from Amazon are seeing the automated shipping and delivery updates, not real-time information. Those orders placed from Motorola’s site are getting the real scoop, here, which is that the shipments are being held up by the storm. Like any dark cloud, or several dark clouds that comprise a winter storm, there is a silver lining.

Motorola is upgrading everyone to overnight shipping, free of charge. Much like their website debacle on Black Friday, Motorola is making good on a hiccup in service. Without prompt or provocation, Motorola is just plain making it right for consumers, many of whom purchased the Moto G as a holiday gift. It’s one more reason Motorola is the new darling of the Android world.


  1. Sorry, but using the winter weather as an excuse is bull…I placed an order on December 13th and saw the message that shipping delays due to “high demand”…..nothing about weather at all.


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