Google Nest Smart Lock

The Nest system is perhaps one of the more regularly updated products and services by Google. We hear new details and information about it almost every month. Its account security was recently improved with two-factor authentication after getting better notifications. The Nest Protect smoke detector was also made to work with GE Appliances connected ovens. This week, the Nest app was updated to receive Google Smart Lock so you can quickly and conveniently log into the app without entering the password.

The app also allows you to set up notification for any motion activity or person alerts. You need a Nest Aware subscription for this but we guarantee it’s worth it. For other members of the family, you can also set own notifications settings. Inside the updated app, you can now check a catalog of what other products work with Nest. View the ‘Works with Nest’ partner products and see what other gadgets can be integrated with Nest.

The Nest app is where you can control your Nest Learning Thermostat. View your Nest Cam and Dropcam or check if Nest Protect has gone off. Set notifications to be sent to your Android Wear smartwatch.

Download Nest from the Google Play Store