Nest Extra Security

Nest is part of a smart home network. Whether you like it or not, any “smart” device part of any network is open to possible attacks. It sounds scary but everything that contains data can be a target. As the tech, mobile, and Internet industries advance, more hackers are also becoming more sophisticated. It’s the truth but instead of being afraid, fight evil by getting ahead.

No, you don’t have to prove that you are more intelligent than those cyber lawbreakers. You just need to be updated with the trends in security technology. Try to safeguard your information. Make your social media profiles private as much as possible. Don’t just log in anywhere or connect to any open WiFi network you see. In this day and age, it really is better to be safe and smart than sorry.

The Nest system is also a good target because it is integrated to your smart home network which is then connected to many other devices. People will still try to get into your email or system. For the home, Nest can help by adding a new security layer with a new two-factor authentication. This is more effective because others will have a hard time getting into your account. The idea is you will receive a verification code as a text or SMS on your phone. This is to confirm that you are really trying to access a system. To get it, just enter the code given.

Nest gets this feature to give the users peace of mind. A 2-factor authentication is more effective because you need another device to use for confirmation. Enable this option for authentication on the Nest app. Proceed to Account Security then turn on ‘2-step verification’.

Nest will continue to improve on its system, software, and security. Protection of data is important especially now that the smart home industry is getting a boost. With all of your Nest products connected to a system– from Thermostats to Protect smoke alarms to Cam security cameras–you can be assured that you remain private, safe, and secure from prying eyes.