“See a pin and pick it up, and all day long, you’ll have a pin.” This bit of nonsensical wisdom from a famous author seems to have inspired Google’s Mobile World Congress efforts, as they’re releasing a second series of collectible Android pins at their amazing Mobile World Congress booth. If you’re attending the conference and you’re a proud pin-head, you might want to download Google’s official MWC app. In addition to Android information and general guidance for the Fira de Barcelona conference center, it’s got a checklist of all the new pins you can collect – and how many you’ve already collected.

Can you say “gotta catch ’em all”? For an international megacorp, Google (or more accurately its Android development team) sure know how to have a good time. The promotional goodies at the booth, including themed Android statues, more vinyl collectibles, and ice cream sandwiches shaped like everyone’s favorite OS mascot, Google’s booth is a downright playground. If you should find yourself there, be sure and ask the staff to hand over any pins that they might have on their person. You know, politely.

The new set of Android pins has a whopping 86 collectible entries, with themes ranging from superheroes to Marilyn Monroe. If that’s not enough variety for you, you can head over to the Google+ page and design your own. Select entries will be featured by Google at the end of Mobile World Congress. For those in Barcelona right now, make tracks to the Android Market – the MWC app is a free download. And don’t forget to check in to our MWC 2012 portal for some more sedate fun.


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