In case you guys didn’t know, the guys from Google enjoy having a little fun with things like the Google Doodle and such. At the biggest mobile event of the year, Mobile World Congress, Google gave out limited edition Android pins last year. This year they are showing off the pins they’ll have for us, and are inviting Android fans to create their own.

Just like last year Google has designed around 85 pins that will be tossed around, traded, and scattered throughout Mobile World Congress and all the booths. Android lovers, bloggers, and everyone else will be gathering them up and trying to collect them all. If I see any special edition ones I’ll be sure to snatch them and run — I’ll fight people off if need be.

For those of you that wont be wandering the halls of Mobile World Congress in Spain we have some good news. Google is hosting a little fun for you too and are open to designs from anyone and everyone. Over on Google Plus +Android has posted a template and are looking for designs. Add your favorite artistic creation and share them with +Android and they’ll post their favorites during the MWC 2012 event this coming week. Get the template from the +Android link or from our image gallery below. If I manage to save up enough pins I might have to give some away to our loyal readers when I return.

Get to making those pin designs and show us what you come up with.

[via +Android]