Google Commerce

Just the other day, ChowNow added Google Wallet as another payment option in the app. Looks like Google Wallet is becoming widely preferred . Google’s very own mobile payment system is gaining more partners. Prior to ChowNow, Google has partnered with Softcard and other mobile carriers. Disneyland Orlando has started to accept Google Wallet too only last December.

Google has added more countries with Google Wallet merchant registrations as well. Is it still relevant? Very much and there are more good reasons to use it. It’s so easy to use and Google even partnered with more brands to add Google Wallet at checkout so you don’t have to pay cash, swipe, or enter your credit card details on an app every time.

If you use an app to order food, you can just tap on the screen twice to pay for all the stuff in your food cart. Google has added Seamless, Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa John’s, Eat 24, Jason’s Deli, and Panda Express. You can easily order from any of these whether on a mobile site or using an app. You are guaranteed of a secure checkout that is also very fast and convenient.

Craving for some donuts? Use the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile App on Android and pay with your Google Wallet. You may also recharge your Dunkin’ Donuts Cards. Seamless customers can now also use Google Wallet to pay for the food in the Android app.

There are more food and restaurants apps and mobile sites that have Google Wallet as a payment option. For one, Papa John’s sales have increased since November after its Google Wallet integration. Papa John’s chief marketing officer Bob Kraut shared that more than 50 percent of their sales take place on mobile or computer and that Google Wallet offers “customers a better and more secure ordering experience”.

SOURCE: Google Commerce