If you’re the type of person who’d rather order take-out from restaurants instead of braving it out in overcrowded dining places or even if you’re too tired to cook for yourself or your family, the advent of apps to help you have food delivered to your home is probably a blessing. ChowNow is one of those apps that will get your food to you and their new partnership with Google will make life even easier for you.

If you haven’t yet discovered the wonders of ChowNow, it is an online ordering and marketing platform where you can order your food through their website, Facebook page and through apps as well. The independent restaurants can also use the platform to promote and market their place. The platform covers places across the US and Canada and services thousand of independently run restaurants, distinguished chefs, etc.

When you update your ChowNow apps and use it to order from any of your favorite independent restaurants, you’ll now see an option to pay for your order using your Google Wallet with the “Buy from Google” option. So you don’t need to input your credit card or your deliver address, as long as you have a Google Wallet account. You are even assured of an extra layer of protection when you use this mode of payment because of their Fraud Protection program.

ChowNow believes that this new development will bring increased business for all the inidie restaurants using their platform, since there are over 70 million Android users in North America. According to CEO Chris Webb, this is part of their mission to help the smaller restaurants go up against the bigger chains that have more marketing budgets.