Google Wallet Softcard

Ever since the tap and pay feature for Google Wallet was introduced almost four years ago, mobile payments and e-commerce have improved immensely. With the Google Wallet app on Android device, anyone can make e-payments by simply tapping the phone as long as NFC payment is allowed. Samsung may be ready to take on Google Wallet by acquiring LoopPay but the Mountain View company continues to also improve its system by partnering with the biggest innovators in the mobile industry.

Google has partnered and is currently working mobile payments company Softcard and mobile carriers Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA, and AT&T Mobility. With this development, Google hopes to attract more Android users to take advantage of the tap and pay feature.

The idea is for the Google Wallet app to come pre-installed on Android phones from the said US carriers. Project is expected to start later this year for Android devices running at least the KitKat mobile OS. (Maybe the search giant is really gearing up for battle in the mobile payments arena against Samsung?)

Google seems to be serious with the e-commerce industry as it’s also purchasing some intellectual property and technology from Softcard. We should expect a better Google Wallet soon. According to Google’s Vice President of Payments, Ariel Bardin, the loyalty, gift cards, and tap and pay will be added with more features to make the Google Wallet app more useful. No mention of when the new elements will be available exactly but we’ll let you know soon.

SOURCE: Google Commerce