Today Google will be announcing their new NFC Payment system being called Google Wallet, the event will be starting soon so stay tuned right to AndroidCommunity for all the latest details and news. Apparently a site called The Container Store spilled the beans a little early as to what was going to be announced today at Google’s NYC Event and that is NFC and Google Wallet.

According to some news from thisismynext The Container Store mentioned Google Wallet, NFC and the summer event to them recently and then with the launch of the new Nexus S 4G for Sprint with NFC it looks to all be falling into place for a program to be launched by Google.

This event will be announcing a “contactless” payment system via payment through a mobile device. Unless Google announces another device it will most likely be through their Nexus S. So what is all this NFC stuff about. It is called Near Field Communications and you have probably read a little about it here and there. Tyfone is putting NFC into MicroSD cards so all phones can use it one day. For now NFC is just getting started and we have a feeling Google has some big plans for it in the future. Stay tuned for more information as the event today gets under way and as Google unveils “Google Wallet”. Watch the event live here at 9:00 PST

[via SlashGear]


  1. until LG can iron out any issues they are having with manufacturing but
    we have not heard anything regarding this. We will update as we hear

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