It is that time of year where the Holiday spirit and cheer starts to come out full steam. Google isn’t wasting any time and today have updated their highly popular avatar creating Androidify application. Boys and girls it’s time to redo your good looks and Androidify yourself with a nice holiday twist.

This awesome app that lets you turn yourself into a fancy Android robot has been around for some time so we all should know plenty about it. If you don’t then here is our hands-on from the Google Androidify booth. Once you create that awesome Androidify character feel free to check out BobbleDroids and make your creation a reality with a hand-made BobbleDroid.

The new holiday update gives Androidify all sorts of new looks. We get santa hats, Rudolph red noses, make yourself a reindeer or even chime in the new year with custom shirts and more. I’ve been a big fan of Androidify since it was first released because it lets all us nerds (android fans) have a little fun with the Android robot. They also make excellent avatars for Twitter or Google+ if you haven’t done that already. Get it while it’s hot and have some fun!

Androidify Market Link

[via Google Blog]


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