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It’s a great time to be alive especially if you’re a kid. You have access to a lot of gadgets and services. Parents, of course, need to be there to guide the children and teach them good habits. Google has always been committed to the whole family’s well-being so while it comes up with plenty of new products, the company also thinks of ways on how to secure access, improve privacy, and ensure only age-appropriate content are offered to the kids.

The Google TV system is here to stay. It will only continue to be enhanced since the company decided on the Google TV branding. Just last week, we mentioned the Google TV app may soon add universal remote functionality. It also now supports Apple TV.

We mentioned Google TV would soon have support for Kids Profiles. It’s ready now so this means you can set up a profile for each of your child. It’s easy to do. Add a current one or make a new profile. All you need to enter are two details: name and age.

Google TV Kids Profiles

Kids Profiles lets adults choose what apps the children can use or play with. The profile will show rows with recommendations of kid-friendly apps. You can access everything you’ve previously purchased with the Google Play Family Library.

You can customize the Kids profile on Google TV. Change the backdrop for your kid. You can soon change avatars for each profile. Screen time management is possible with on-screen parental controls. You can set daily watch limits and a bedtime schedule.

Once set, a “Time is up” screen will show on the screen so your kids will now when time is up. Make sure profile lock is on so the kids cannot switch to your profile.

Content controls can be made on Google TV. Open your Family Link app to set up kid’s time not only on the TV but also on Chromebook and Android phone. You can also see there how much time your children are spending on those apps and games. You can choose to control activity and block/unblock apps.


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