Chromebook Pixel 2017

Google is always busy. Of course, this tech giant has a lot of businesses, services, and groups under it. Actually, it’s under Alphabet so it’s more accurate to say Alphabet is busy. For us mobile industry watchers, we’re more interested in what new device this company will introduce. We’re already anticipating for the two Pixel 2 phones after months of rumors, speculations, and leaks. We’re only waiting for the official announcement and maybe some confirmation on the things we’ve heard. As for the other Pixel series, the Chromebook Pixel is due for a follow-up.

We haven’t heard anything about a new Chromebook Pixel until this week. It’s about time Google introduces a new Pixel device because it’s almost a year since the Chromebook Pixel 2 received an update. We’re not sure what happened to the Chromebook Pixel 2 leaving the Google Store but we’re just glad about this news albeit we still need an official confirmation.

Nothing much on the new model yet but it is believed to be part of the Project Bison. We’re hearing about it for the first time but we want to know if this one will solely run Chrome OS or have a hint of Andromeda–Google’s hybrid OS. Specs could include a 12.3-inch screen, 8GB or 16GB RAM, and 32GB or 128GB of built-in storage. The device may also arrive with an optional Wacom stylus and the usual convertible tablet design.

This Chromebook Pixel 2 could also be priced at $799 which is pricey for a tablet. But then again this isn’t just a tablet. The Chromebook Pixel is also a laptop. Let’s wait and see if there really is a Chromebook Pixel 2 and if demand will be enough.

The Google Home series is also said to receive a mini version,  probably to rival the Echo Dot. Let’s wait and see when these new products will be available.

VIA: Android Police