It seems that Google‘s Sundar Pichai isn’t done making big revelations at SxSW today. Just after pre-announcing a wearable device SDK coming in two weeks, the Google exec has now disclosed that the company was able to sell millions of its immensely popular Chromecast dongle.

Anyone doubting how big Chromecast is should probably take a look at TIME Magazine’s top ten gadgets of 2013. Not only did the device sell out just a day after it became available for purchase, it has started a new trend among streaming devices as well. After all, who can beat a small device the size of a thumbdrive that can stream videos, music, photos, and even browser tabs to an HDMI-enabled TV?

Things are about to get even better with the Chromecast. Google has finally unleashed the Chromecast SDK to developers and has also rolled out the official Chromecast support in Google Play Services. This opens the floodgates to even more content sources and uses for the little dongle, like casting photos from Dayframe, or mirroring your Android device’s screeen. That’s not counting the other content providers who are just now also hopping on board.

Although not entirely a revelation, Pichai once again reminded the audience that Google wants to bring Chromecast to more markets around the world. So even if Pichai’s rather vague “millions” estimate wasn’t accurate, Chromecast could very well reach those numbers when it hits international markets.