One can never know enough just by reading books in the library. In this digital age, we thank the heavens for the Internet that has definitely changed the way we live. Google started as an ambitious search engine and it has proven to be the best in the world. The tech giant may have grown into a tech and lifestyle brand now but it still remains as the top search engine.

Google will only continue to improve on search. The updates won’t stop as long as people are trusting Google for the search engine results. The last update we learned included ways to donate and more info on finance, changes on job search with salaries and location settings, wait times for restaurants, and search results based on location.

A new update has recently rolled out which will make the search engine more powerful, helpful, and informative than ever. With Google Search, you can discover more interesting topics, as well as, new angles you may be interested in.

In the recent years, Search has received Related Questions, suggested content, Knowledge Panels, and Featured Snippets. Google rolls out some updates to these common features like adding more images to Feature Snippets, related searches to Knowledge Panels, and related topics as suggestions whenever you search for two different topics.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)