Google knows everything. It knows where to look for information that you rightly need. When you think of something or what to know about new stuff, what do you do? You Google it. In all honesty, we don’t think about the other search engines. There’s just Google. For jobseekers, it’s heaven-sent, especially because with a few keywords and search queries, one can be directed to his next job or better yet—a dream job.

Google has worked with industry leaders to improve job search. We told you about it back in June as the company rolled out the Cloud Jobs API. According to Google, the number of employers showing careers in Search has gone up to 60%. Millions of people managed to be connected to new opportunities.

Another round of update is being rolled out as Google devs have been working hard to further improve search by adding information on more postings, application choices, location settings, and salary ranges. You can save individual jobs so access will be easier. Data are gathered from several sources such as LinkedIn, Paysa, PayScale, and Glassdoor.

Check the filters while you search. Set the range of distances and preference where to apply. You may see a lot of new postings so just save them so you can check them one by one later.

SOURCE: The Keyword