Way back in June of 2012, Google began letting developers reply directly to user comments in the Play Store. The one catch with that, this was made available only for a select group of developers, those sporting a “Top Developer Badge.” And well, flash forward back to the present day and it looks like this is now rolling-out to all developers.

We have yet to see any official announcement from Google on this matter, however a developer by the name of Dave Kover recently noticed he was able to reply to user comments. What this means is that developers will now be able to reply to user comments and get additional information in the event of an issue, or even provide guidance and updates.

Of course, the end result here is that roll-out appears as if it is finally taking that one-way street away entirely. Still, we should point out that while more and more developers will be getting the ability to reply to comments — we suspect not all will be able to do so just yet. Simply put, if you leave a comment, the developer may not be able to reply just yet.

Otherwise, while this is not necessarily a huge change in the way things work, it does come as a nice addition to what we have been seeing Google do with comments. This also follows another fairly recent change where Google tied the your Google+ account into comments — taking away the anonymity.

[via Droid-Life]



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