Rumor has it that Google will not be offering the same booth experience at Mobile World Congress this year. In fact, it is being reported that Google France has confirmed the lack of a booth during the show. Needless to say, we are not all that convinced Google will be offering anything less as compared to what they had last year.

Of course, there is always the time a company scales a show appearance down so we cannot rule this out entirely. The report is coming by way of the French language Test Mobile blog who have reportedly received word from Google France. The statement they have posted mentions that Google will not have a stand at MWC this year. Further details from the Google France statement include how they will still have the Android team present during the show.

This all seems to stem from the fact that Google has yet to post an updated Android at Mobile World Congress page for 2013. Last year Google had published a teaser page at, however we have yet to see anything for 2013. A change of the year in the URL results in a 404 page at the moment. This could lend some credibility to the report, however we should point out that the Android at Mobile World Congress page was published just after the middle of February last year. In other words, that 2013 page could still be coming.

Anyone think Google will not be doing the large scale booth at Mobile World Congress this year? You can get a brief look at what Google had last year in the above image. But what that pic isn’t showing is the fact that the booth was two stories and had goodies such as dancing Androids, a full display of Android handsets, candy, a smoothie bar, a claw-machine with prizes and a machine that created custom backs for the Galaxy Nexus. You can get a better idea about at the 2012 MWC Android booth right here. And don’t forget — Android Community will be on-site for Mobile World Congress 2013.

[via Pocket Now]