It’s hard to overstate how cool Google’s digs at Mobile World Congress were. Just like last year they went big and provided a ton of entertainment for all comers, making an unmistakable impression that Android rules in Barcelona. The “Google Pod” played host to dancing Androids, Ice Cream Sandwiches, a moving parade of the latest Android phones and a whole lot more. Of course, not everybody can hop a cross-continental flight just to play around (well, we can, but that’s kind of our jobs) so we thought we’d share the experience with you.

With thousands of square feet in the Fira de Barcelona convention center, two stories and about a billion gallons of green paint, Google rocked the house and made its case. The main desk is where you check in and hunt down the various Android pins made specially for the conference, plus bag some candy – not that you won’t have that opportunity later. Running all along two sides of the booth is a powered conveyor belt holding protected Android phones and tablets from dozens of manufacturers.

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Booths populate the entire area with apps and featured devices, interspliced with art booths, tech demos and the return of a full slide. A few demonstrations include an android-powered bejewled machine that creates custom backs for the Galaxy Nexus, an old-school claw machine, and a wall full of textile demonstrations. There’s enough at the Google Pod to keep kids of any age occupied for hours – it’s just a shame that we had a ton of other things to check out too.

So ends another year at Mobile World Congress. The Android Community team is safe and sound back in the States, wishing we all had smoothie bars in our houses as well. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.



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