It’s no secret that some Google Nexus 6P devices have been experiencing problems. The most common problem includes those boot looping and battery issues we told you about last April. A class action lawsuit was started then and it’s about time we hear an update about the case. A quick fix was released and seemed to be working but unfortunately for some users, the problem is still there.

One update that will probably make some owners happy is this news that you can still call Google even if the device’s warranty is over. Those phones bought from the Google Store especially will still be covered. You can have the Nexus 6P replaced by a Pixel XL. Only those with defective batteries can avail of the replacement.

Some important notes were shared on Reddit for the benefit of the affected Nexus 6P owners. Remember that only those who bought their phones from the Google Store are eligible for the replacement program. Out of warranty units can be accepted but not all 6P’s can get new (not refurbished) Pixel XLs.

This deal will be available to those in the UK, Canada, and the United States but phones will be ready in different variants. Those with 64GB Nexus GP will receive 128GB Pixel XL while those in Canada will only be given 32GB Pixel XL.

RMA will be approved only for those with battery issues. Phones with screen or water damage are not included. Even if you haven’t fully paid for the device, you still have to continue paying for the balance.

VIA: Reddit