In slight contrast to the rush of new devices coming out of Computex, Google is making its already existing devices and services available to more territories worldwide. In this episode of Google conquers the world, the tech giant is bringing its digital TV collection to Canada and its Chromebook ultraportable devices to nine more countries.

Google’s TV offering is actually part of its larger Google Play Movies service, but the two types of content are not available equally even in supported territories. Last week’s addition of four countries brings the total roster to 69, but the ability to buy or rent TV shows has so far been available only to an exclusive club of four. That changes today with Canada now joining Australia, Japan, the UK, and the US in having access to Google’s entire video repository.

Like its services, Google’s devices also have a limited reach. A few days ago, Google also expanded the availability of Chromecast from 13 to 18. Today it is doing the same for its Chrome OS-toting notebooks and is adding 9 countries to the roster. This will happen in two stages. The first will bring Chromebooks to Chile, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, and the Philippines, In the coming weeks, Google promises to also add Belgium, Italy, and Spain to the list.

Google isn’t exactly saying which models will be made available in these 9 countries, though it implies that users will be able to pick from a wide variety of choices. The exact date of availability, as well as localized prices, are also still unknown and it could take some time before Google’s pages are updated to reflect this new arrangement.

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