Today is a good day for those living in Belgium, the Philippines, Switzerland, and Uganda. Google has officially added those countries to its list of regions that can enjoy Google’s selection of movies, for rent or for purchase.

Google Play Movies has already been available in 65 countries, making the total now reach 69. It takes time to roll out the service to different regions because of legal considerations, but Google has continually been expanding its reach. And not just for movies but also for music, books, news, and magazines.

With Google Play Movies, users will have the choice to either fully purchase a title or just rent it for a limited time, and, of course for a lower price. Making such purchases or rentals are now made somewhat even easier thanks to Google adding PayPal as an option for apps and content from its Google Play shops.

Unfortunately, access to TV show content is still severely limited, available only in four countries including Australia, Japan, the UK, and the US.

SOURCE: Google