Google is bringing its media products into more countries and regions. After just adding four countries to Google Play Movies last week, it is now adding two to Google Play Music. What’s more, it is now selling its Chromecast streaming dongle in five more markets.

For the longest time, Google’s Chromecast device was only available in the US. This year, however, marked the start of the Chromecast’s international trek, starting with the Canada, South Korea, the UK, and many other European countries. Joining that growing list today is Australia, Belgium, Japan, Portugal, and Switzerland. This brings the total to 18 countries, with more hopefully coming sooner rather than later.

Moving over to digital content and services, Google is also spreading the reach of its music business. Users in Denmark and Poland will now be able to store and sync their music on Google’s cloud via Play Music so that they can access their tunes anywhere on any device. And as an added bonus, those same countries now also have Play Music All Access switched on for them, allowing users to purchase and stream music from Google’s library of songs from popular artists, bands, and genres.

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