In line with expanding the reach of Google Play Movies into more regions, Google is now making available its Info Cards tool in more places as well. Starting today, all users from countries supported by Google Play Movies will be able look up interesting tidbits about actors and songs in movies via this informational popup tool.

Google rolled out Info Cards on tablets in March last year to give movie buffs and trivia hunters something to chew on while enjoying their favorite films. The way it works is that users can pause the movie and cards, just like the ones you see in Google Now, will show up giving information about the actors in the film, the song that’s currently playing, as well as any related or interesting films.

When the feature launched, it was unsurprisingly available in the US only. But just like Google Play Movies itself, expansion has been slow but sure and now, Google is unleashing Info Cards on all Play Movies supported countries. As of last week, that totaled 69 with the addition of four more countries.

Info Cards is said to work with hundreds of movies in Google’s catalog, though it might not actually work for all of them. What’s more, the actual feature might take some time to actually arrive on all those territories, much like Google Play Store app updates, and should be given a bit of time and patience.

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