The Pixel 6 series was officially announced. The two phones will be similar and different in many ways. They both will run on Android 12 OS already. The phone series’ arrival included the Pixel Pass as an all-in-one subscription plan. We also learned about the features including the Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos. We noted the Google Tensor powering Pixel 6 series is really smart and powerful. Just recently, we also noted the camera features are powered by Google Tensor.

All those information are apart from the 113 reasons Google listed on why you should switch to Pixel. The Pixel 6 camera features are enough to convince many mobile photography enthusiasts. It also helps the camera design is new.

When it comes to mobile security, Google made sure the Pixel 6 series is ahead. The Google Tensor SoC is just one layer. The tech giant combines hardware and software to ensure the Pixel 6 phones remain safe, private, and secure.

Google has promised five years of security updates. Major Android OS updates are also part of the promise although probably not that long. As described, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the most secure phone series from the brand yet.

The Pixel 6 phone series offers security like never before. The Tensor chip offers transparency and user data protection. It makes use of the TrustZone technology as part of the Pixel device’s security architecture.

The Google Tensor has a security core that protects user data keys even at runtime. It strengthens secure boot and even interfacing with the Titan M2 security chip. The latter uses RISC-V processor and comes with more memory and speed. It also supports Android Strongbox.

The Pixel 6 promises enhanced controls with the Android 12 Security hub. It’s a central place where users can manage all security settings. There is also the Privacy Dashboard so you can see what apps are accessing your camera and mic.

The Pixel 6 comes with built-in security including an optical under-display fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication. There are anti-phishing protections like automatic scanning for threats from mails, messages, links, and phone calls.

Other measures that will assure users of security include Google Play Protect’s on-device detection capabilities and machine learning models for detecting malware. There’s also Google Binary Transparency (GBT) being added to the system. The Titan Backup Architecture also offers security in the cloud.


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