Google Maps just keeps getting better and better each and every day. From continuous updates, new features, more street view locations and more Google isn’t slowing down anytime soon. They know they have the best mobile maps system available — but they aren’t stopping at that. Today Google’s showing us their “Trekker” system for Street View making the trek through the Grand Canyon.

If you were wondering how Google Street View shows us things not accessible by road — or those underwater street views we saw a few weeks ago — this is how it’s done. Today on the Google Blog we are learning and seeing a few pictures of the Google Maps Street View team make their way through the amazing sightseeing attraction at the Grand Canyon — somewhere I go mountain biking every year.

For those that have never been, now you don’t have to because Street View will enable beautiful panoramic views of the scenery and rugged rocks and cliffs. The image above (and below) is of what Google calls the “Trekker” and it’s a full 360 degrees camera system that the Trekkie can even control with his Android smartphone. Pretty neat right?

From underwater street views, tours through Google’s data centers, and hundreds of thousands of new roads being added by the month Google Maps is looking to keep their lead on both Apple and Nokia. Soon you’ll be able to relive and enjoy a first-person real-life journey through the Grand Canyon right from Google Maps.

[via SlashGear]


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