Have you ever wanted to see inside one of the many data centers owned and operated by Google? Well today you’ll get the chance to do just that. Google has opened the virtual doors and is allowing the world an inside look at “where the internet lives” with a virtual tour of multiple data centers across the globe. You even can roam the halls with Street View.

We are getting an awesome behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at a Google data center in all its wired and wireless glory. “Our first priority is the privacy and security of your data, and we go to great lengths to protect it, keeping our sites under close guard” says the Mountain View company. In my imagination they are guarded by massive Android robots with AK-47s — but can you spot the Storm Trooper guard in the video? They even show us their process for destroying hard drives one they fail or are replaced to protect precious data.

From there Google walks you through one of the many data centers that keeps your searches fast, email readily available, images at your fingertips (or lips with Google Now) and everything else we love and use daily from Google. Check out the quick video they’ve released today giving us a virtual tour. Since this is Google, you’ll notice neat little Easter eggs and fun throughout the video. Like golf putting greens, razor scooters, and even themed data centers. We notices one was racing-themed with posters all over the walls.

One of the coolest aspects of this inside look at these centers is the fact that Google’s added their popular Google Maps street view mode. This means you can literally take a virtual tour and roam the halls of Google’s largest data centers. The segment is broke into 3 parts where you can see the tech, the people, and then the places — as Google has them all over the world. The photos are pretty impressive too considering what they are photos of. Enjoy the virtual tour at the link below.

[via Data Center Tour]


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