Google Maps for Android Vehicle Icons

Google Maps is getting another update. After the Live View being enhanced with Landmarks, and Location Sharing and that COVID layer to get a better picture in your area, the app has just been updated with new vehicle icons. There was no official announcement from the Google Maps or Android team but the changes were released quietly. Google Maps is already a reliable mobile app for navigation but like any popular program, it needs frequent updates to bring more features and enhancements.

Google Maps now offers support for custom car icons. It’s been around for some time for iOS but not on Android. That is ironic since Android is Google’s very own mobile platform. It’s only now that custom icons can be chosen.

The feature has been enabled. It was made possible with the last Google Maps update for Android. Feel free to download or update Google Maps on your mobile if you want to see the new icons.

There is no formal or official announcement but it’s there. Specifically, the Google Maps 10.52.2 version has the changes mentioned. Note that the changes and new car icons will show up when you are navigating. Use the Google Maps on your Android smartphone while driving and you will see the icons.

You may even choose the design. You can always go back to the original settings if you want. Check the car icon to see and select the blue arrow if you wish.

To review, Google Maps has been updated in the past few months. Recently, it made Saved tab more useful. A redesign delivered more “natural” details and improved street view. The app also now lets you follow more public profiles and use more public profiles. Google Maps now also lets you calibrate your location with Live View and check traffic lights.