Google Maps has become more than just the app that you go to when you’re lost. Google has developed it to become an app to discover new local restaurants, get in touch with businesses, try out new things and places in the neighborhood, and now apparently, it’s becoming a sort of social network as well. Previously, you could already follow some Local Guides on the app but now they’re expanding it so you can follow more personal profiles or users.

Now, if you’ve ever shared a photo, review, or list on the Map app, you will now have a profile page and people can follow you. When people follow you, they will be able to receive your posts, recommendations, and other things that you may share on the app as regards to restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, and basically anything that you post on the app. If they visit your profile, they can see all the photos you’ve uploaded, how many people are following you and you’re following, etc.

Of course if you prefer to keep all of that private and just to yourself, you can make your profile restricted. This means you get to approve those who want to follow you. You have the option to show your photos, reviews, and posts in your public profile or to just make it for your own record-keeping or viewing. Google though wants to make Maps a community and that’s why they’re encouraging Local Guides and other users to have profiles that people can follow.

You now also have more topic filters on the profiles so people can see what are the things that you post most about. If you post about coffee, or museums, or brunch places or architectural wonders, people will see it when they view your profile so they also know whether or not to follow you. You are also encouraged to post something interesting in your profile description to “attract” followers, just like you would in a social network.

Google Maps is making the public profiles available globally. They had a bit of good traction with Local Guides so let’s see if this is something that would click with other Maps users.