Wearable technology is relatively a new category. We’re more familiar with smartwatches and health trackers but there’s also Google Glass, virtual reality headsets, smart bags and luggage, and the idea of smart rings and necklaces. You’ve probably thought of other forms but now Google is introducing a new one. In partnership with Levi’s, Google has announced the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket that makes use of Jacquard technology.

A couple of years ago, Google showed off the Project Jacquard at a developer conference. The technology features conductive threads that make possible touch-sensitive clothes. We’re assuming the project is a success now that we’re learning about this special jacket. It’s just like any other denim jacket that you can wash and wear but with Jacquard, you can perform some digital tasks such as get directions, read incoming message, and start or stop the music. With a simple swap or tap of the sleeve, you can finish simple tasks without having to look at your smartwatch and take out the phone from your pocket.

This jacket features Jacquard Threads that have been woven into the cuff. The idea is that it connects to your smartphone wirelessly. You can configure the gestures depending on how you want to control and enable the digital abilities. You can even ask what song is currently playing, get your current time or ETA, as well as, receive updates or messages and be notified with an LED light and vibration. The jacket can even read a message for you.

The Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard will be readily available starting tomorrow, Wednesday, in select shops in the United States for $350. Select Levi’s store and Levi’s online store will carry the digital jacket beginning next week.


SOURCE: The Keyword (Google), Levi’s