Acer had already made the commitment to enter the wearable space sometime this year. But those earlier reports didn’t offer much in the way of a timeline, or even specifics in terms of what kinds of devices will be available. With that in mind, new details have emerged out of Taiwan.

What we are seeing comes by way of Focus Taiwan, and does bring some intrigue. This latest report is based on details coming from an unnamed company source who is using the term distinctive. As always, these types of reports can change, but for now it is looking like Acer has plans beyond the already seen watches and glasses.

Details here point towards Acer prepping an announcement for the second half of 2014 with availability being on a global basis. The source touched on how Acer hopes to have a “distinctive product” and how smartwatches and glasses “are not the only options” in the wearable space. One hint here pointed towards a necklace.

The necklace is described as offering features to include a temperature sensor and with the ability to pair with a smartphone, and also work independently. While there are plenty of specifics that still need to be finalized, that actually touches back to the potential launch timeframe. Further chatter coming from the unnamed source touched on how Acer is not looking to “launch in a hurry.”

VIA: G4Games



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