Eager Google followers might have been wondering why registration for the company’s biggest tech event hasn’t gone live as previously indicated. Now Google has announced a delay of registrations for Google I/O 2014 but is also extending the period to four days.

The website for Google I/O 2014 went live last month with an indicator that registrations will open on April 8 and will stay open until the 10th. However, now that we’re just hours away, Google is coming out with a notice of a slight change in plans.

Registration will, instead open on April 15, a full week from now. Google says that it is to ensure a stress free process, though those that will be stressed by a week-long delay might beg to disagree. Worry not, however, as Google will be extending the registration period, which will now last for four days, from Tuesday to Friday. That said, there is still no reason to rush as it is not a first come, first served queue. Instead, once the period is over, Google will be randomly selecting participants, so it’s more a matter of luck than speed.

For now, there aren’t any strong rumors as to what to expect during this year’s Google I/O, but Google loves to give suprises, not to mention devices. There are several good candidates to choose from, including an incremental Android 4.4.3 update, an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet from HTC, or maybe even an early prototype of an Android Wear smartwatch.

SOURCE: +Google