New Android iterations are always fun, and it’s being reported that Android 4.4.3 is being tested. The update, incremental in number and without a new name, is likely incremental. The Nexus 5 camera issue is said to be solved in this update, but there isn’t much else to go on just yet.

The camera issues dogging the Nexus 5 are pretty profound. A blue-ish tint can be found in even the least sensitive lighting situations, rendering the camera on the device almost useless in many cases. The fix has been attempted a few times, but nobody has been abe to crack the code for getting the Nexus 5 camera to where it needs to be.

The report doesn’t note much else in the way of upgrade features, so we’re unclear on just what’s in the pipeline for this one — if it exists. If it’s going to be an Android update proper, we could see other minor tweaks and fixes. It’s unlikely Google would dedicate a system update to address the woes of one device’s camera, even if it is their flagship.

The days of massive Android updates are likely behind us, too. A mature ecosystem, Android doesn’t need to make any sweeping changes to keep up anymore. We’re now left to enjoy minor updates that don’t affect the big picture much — if you’re at least moderately current with your Android version, that is.