Can you believe another year has passed? Are you ready for it? It’s Google I/O 2013 time, and we’ll be sharing all the details and announcements all week long. Today is technically day 0, and Google will be taking the stage tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM PDT for their first and only keynote this year. This is where we’ll be learning all the news and putting rumors to rest. In the meantime check out our on-site preview, through Glass.

Google is still hard at work getting the Moscone West Center here in San Francisco ready to go and all setup. However, we didn’t let that stop us from bringing you an on-site preview, as well as plenty of pictures. We’ll be seeing tons of software news, probably Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, new hardware, and tons of other things. Before we get started with the tour vicariously though Glass, check out our Google I/O 2013: What to expect post.

Now without further ado, check out a quick video and on-site preview through Google Glass, as well as additional pictures and videos of the entire Google I/O center, all three levels and all. It doesn’t start until tomorrow, so we got booted from the upper floors rather quick. Enjoy the few pictures and video in the meantime.

Google I/O 2013 through Glass

We kept it short and sweet as we wandered through the halls of the Moscone Center, and tomorrow you can expect much much more coverage and IO live through Glass. Here’s a few quick pictures from Glass too, and tons more below.

Not through Glass

Our sister site SlashGear is also on scene here with us for Google I/O 2013, and caught up with the well known Rory Cellan-Jones of BBC. We took the opportunity to interview Rory, through Glass, as he gave us his thoughts, ideas, and perspective on the possible success (and failure) of Google Glass. This year Google will surely be focusing heavy on Glass, and we’ll be following along the entire week. See what he had to say below:

As a reminder, the keynote officially kicks off tomorrow May 15th, at 9:00 AM PDT. You can start by getting the official Google I/O 2013 Android app which will offer live-streaming for those who weren’t fortunate to attend, and of course follow along here at Android Community. Keep up with us on all the social platforms. Any last minute guesses or predictions?

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