Google I/O is quickly approaching. The conference is set to kick off on May 15th and as such, the updated Google I/O mobile app has appeared in the Google Play Store. The app is called Google I/O 2013 and it brings along some new features for those who will be in attendance as well one nice feature for those who will be following along off-site.

The off-site feature is live streaming. While we suspect many would prefer to be on-site (getting those freebies), this may have to suffice. If nothing else, the live streaming through the mobile app should help those who will be at work or otherwise unable to sit in front of a computer. Shifting away from the off-site features and into the goodies for those lucky enough to attend.

Here Google has added automatic WiFi setup and attendee badge scanning (using NFC) as well as having schedule changes that are kept in sync between devices, vector based maps with session info and a lock screen widget that should make it easier to keep up with your schedule while you are running from session to session.

The app also has a dedicated HDMI video out for live streams and now uses Google+ for the login. Basically, thanks to this update, the Google I/O 2013 app should be useful for those who will be attending virtually and in-person. The keynote begins at 9AM PST on May 15th and those looking for the app will be able to find it using this Google Play Store link.

[via Official Google Blog]


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