Google Home and Google WiFi are initially available in the United States only but that is changing soon as the tech giant has just announced the arrival of the two in the United Kingdom. Finally, UK is getting the two latest efforts by Google to make the world “wired” and “connected” all the time. Both Google products are designed to make our mobile and digital lives more efficient than ever and we’re glad to know those in Europe can soon enjoy getting answers and help from the Google Assistant.

The hands-free smart speaker doesn’t just stream your favorite songs for you. It can also do simple smart home tasks if integrated with other smart gadgets and services. Simply say the words “Ok Google” and the device will follow your command. Feel free to ask a question, check Google Maps, translate another language, and say your requests. The Google Assistant takes advantage of voice recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing so it can learn and understand what you are saying.

For quick news, you can ask Google Home to brief you on the latest from The Guardian, BBC, The Sun, Huffington Post, and The Financial Times among others. Access the likes of Google Play Music, TuneIn, Spotify, or BBC live radio or your daily music fix.

Google Home will be out in the UK starting April 6 for only £129. Get one from the Google Store, PC World, Currys, Argos, Maplin, and John Lewis. It will also be available from EE. If you wish to get a different colored base, be prepared to shell out another £18 for fabric or £36 for metal.

Google is also bringing its internet services in the region. This Google WiFi is a special Wi-Fi solution that promises to bring reliable coverage all the time. The idea is to enhance connectivity and improve the current services provided by your local provider. Google employs mesh Wi-Fi, a technology usually found in commercial areas. A mesh network is established at home with several Google Wifi point for a more powerful connection and stronger path for data.

Google WiFi comes with a compatible app where you can control access, keep data secure, or pause Wi-Fi on the children’s gadgets when you want them to stop. This one will be released online also on April 6. Get one for £129 or a pair for only £229 straight from the Google Store.

SOURCE: Google