Google really is serious with hardware development and product innovation. It recently announced the Mesh WiFi system that makes your wireless Internet connection at home stronger and more reliable. When you get a Google Wifi, you can take advantage of the mesh system that lets you gather different routers in one place and put them in one Wi-Fi network.

The result of a mesh is continuous connectivity from several routers throughout the home. It actually expands your network to more rooms and areas that are previously hard to reach. The idea isn’t exactly new but Google added some of its very own innovations.

The WiFi mesh network is a connected system that offers better coverage for everyone connecting to the Internet at home. Google describes it as scalable and flexible which is best for bigger homes. This is one way you can bring WiFi to every nook and corner of your home.

You can get several Google Wifi routers to use and start building your own mesh network. You can pre-order for one now on Google Store but it’s recommended you get more to cover over 1,500 square feet. Get one for $129 or a three-pack for only $299. Shipping will start on December 6.

SOURCE: Google


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