Google Glass has remained in the news as of late due to some new apps and the DVF | Made for Glass collection of frames and shades. Of course, there was also the news about how those in the UK can now purchase Glass and enter the (still in beta) Explorer program. But more recently we’ve seen a handful of new Glassware apps come available for Glass users.

This latest round includes five new apps. One of these is for the sports fan, two are music related, one is for those who enjoy looking up at the stars, and the last is for the runners in the audience. The apps (respectively) include, musiXmatch, Shazam, Star Chart and Zombies, Run. These apps are all free and available as of now. will allow you to stay up to date on the world of football. Or for the American audience, soccer. Seems this one may be a must have for those who have been paying close attention to the World Cup. Next up are the two music related apps. Those included musiXmatch which is touted as being the “ultimate experience for music fans and artists” and offers the “world’s largest official catalog of lyrics.” The, musiXmatch app allows the user to search for song lyrics to identify songs.

Similar to musiXmatch, the next app is Shazam. Those familiar with Shazam will recognize the similarity here. The Shazam app will let the Glass user say ‘Ok Glass, recognize this’ to learn the artist and track name of the song they are currently hearing.


Start Chart allows you to look up at the sky, and know what you are seeing. The app has a database of all visible stars in the northern and southern hemispheres including all 88 constellations and all planets. Glass users need only say ‘Ok Glass, Explore Stars’ to get started. Last up is the Zombies, Run app. This one is touted as a running game and audio adventure and has you trying to “save the last remnants of humanity by running in the real world.”

Google Glass users looking to check out any (or all) of these apps will be able to find and install them from the Glassware section of the MyGlass website.

VIA: Medium @ryankopinsky