Google is finally doing it! It is finally expanding the reach of its popular but rather contentious Google Glass wearable outside the shores of the US, across the pond, and right into the territory of the United Kingdom. Starting today, those in the UK will be able to become Explorers themselves and enjoy everything that their US counterparts have experienced, including the rather hefty price tag.

We are still probably quite a long way to go before the final retail availability of Google Glass, so an expansion like this is definitely worth noting and celebrating. Just as with the Chromecast, the UK is the first to get dibs on Google’s exclusive hardware outside of the US. And they will have access to everything that Google Glass has to offer, including all the colors and frames and shades.

Would-be explorers will be able to get to choose from the usual color options of Shale, Sky, Tangerine, Cotton, and Charcoal. But they will also have access to the new lightweight Titanium frame styles including Split, Thin, Bold, and Curve. In addition, they can also have their pick of shades such as Edge, Classic, and Active. If you’re curious what Google Glass in London would look and sound like, Google was nice enough to provide a demo video, complete with that distinctive English accent.

Of course, Google Glass, whether in the US or in the UK, is still a limited Explorer club. Even if you are able to purchase it directly from Google Play Store, you will most likely still be limited by the price. In the UK, Glass will fetch a price tag of ₤1,000. For that price, however, you will be able to get your choice of frame or shade at no extra cost.


SOURCE: Google


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