First unveiled earlier in the month, the DVF | Made for Glass frame collection is now available for purchase. These frames and shades are currently available through Net-a-Porter and also directly from Google. They will also be coming to DVF stores on June 28th. While these are essentially just a new collection of frames and shades — you do have a few options when it comes to making a purchase.

You see, current Glass Explorers will be able to grab just the frames and/or shades, and those who do not currently own Glass will be given the option to get these new frames bundled together with the actual Glass hardware. The price of course, will reflect what you are grabbing. The shades by themselves (via the Glass website) will set you back $120, the frames by themselves (via the Glass website) are $225, and the complete bundle via the Net-a-Porter website will set you back $1,800.

The Glass website has a Navigator and Aviator style shade available. Each of these have four color options. Both the Navigator and Aviator shades are available in Graphite Flash, Rose Gold Flash and Bronze. The fourth color for the Navigator shades is Orchid Mist, and the fourth color for the Aviator shades is Sea Emerald. The Glass website has the DVF | Made for Glass frames available in five colors. Those include Shiny Ink, Matte Ice, Shiny Elderberry, Shiny Lagoon, and Matte Java.

Similar to the Glass website, the Net-a-Porter website has one style of DVF frames. These frames (again are) available in five different colors. Those considering a purchase will have the option to choose between Shiny Ink (black), Shiny Lagoon (blue), Shiny Elderberry (violet), Matte Java (brown) and Matte Ice (clear). Part of the deal here is that you are buying a set of frames — and a shade. The shade colors are black, blue, bronze, rose and green. Otherwise, along with the frames and shades, Glass purchased through Net-a-Porter includes a case and mono earbud.

SOURCE: +GoogleGlass