Google will be at the forefront of the Super Bowl match that will take place next month, but not simply as a sponsor or an advertiser. In cooperation with CBS, the tech giant will be showing the game from a whole new vantage point, thanks to Google Glass.

The hi-tech eyewear will be worn by sports anchor John Kucko from WROC-TV, Rochester, one of CBS’ many affiliates. Aside from seeing the game from the perspective Kucko, who will of course also deliver insights and facts, viewers from all over the world will also be privy to his experiences during the festivities that will take place before the game.

Sports is just one of the many areas where Google Glass can be put to good use. Last year, developer Aaron Draczynski announced Blue, an app that delivers baseball information from cloud to Glass. Glass’ utility is definitely not limited to navigation or augmented reality, and this could be the perfect opportunity to prove that point. The Super Bowl is almost perfect as it has an estimated 1 billion views all over the world.

Image courtesy of Forbes
Image courtesy of Forbes

Tim Moore from the Rochester Optical Glass team, himself a Glass specialist, believes that it is high time that people see Glass in a different, more positive light. That might just be the change of view that Google needs as it nears the expected commercial launch of the eyewear. A recent traffic case involving Google Glass has been dismissed but only on a technicality, leaving the safety, legality, practicality, and marketability of the device still open to debate.

SOURCE: Forbes