Because watching a baseball game live doesn’t afford you all the information you need, developer Aaron Draczynski created an app for Google Glass that would give you that authentic TV or online viewing experience even when your out there in the front lines. This Blue app delivers information right to your Glass to make sure you never miss a beat while you keep your eye on the ball.

The rationale for the app is understandable from a sports fan perspective. Watching a game on TV or streamed online gives viewers the advantage of additional data and expert commentary that clues you in on context or events that you might have missed. One loses that perk when watching a game live, but using a tablet or smartphone app would also intrude too much into the experience and ruin the moment.

Thanks to Glass, and the Blue app, that might soon be a thing of the past. Using geolocation, Blue will be able to determine that ballpark you’re in and the teams playing there. It will then be able to feed data into Glass during the game, including player stats, play descriptions, scores, umpire calls, speeds, and more. The developer is planning to add more features such as trajectory charts.

Draczynski promises that the app has really been tested on Glass, at the AT&T Park to be exact, and that it doesn’t get in the way of your field of vision. The app is, at the moment, designed for baseball, but the developer is open to supporting other sports if there are free, real-time, play-by-play data available for them as well.

VIA: Engadget