Just in time for the annual Google I/O developer event that will be taking place in late May, it appears that some lucky developers will have Google’s prized Project Glass augmented reality glasses. Today at a Google Ventures event it was stated that the Explorer Edition Google Glass would begin shipping within the next month. Time to get excited and see what it can really do.

Google made a huge splash last year at Google I/O by skydiving right into the event with Google Glass, and we’re expecting even more excitement this year as the project gets closer to becoming a reality and available to the public. They allowed developers (us included) to sign up for a pair for $1,500, but so far we haven’t heard much since. However, it looks like we could have them in-hand before the end of May.

Exciting stuff. Most likely Google looks to have at least the initial rollout sent to multiple developers who pre-ordered last year, so they’ll be able to take part in the Glass Mirror API we’re expecting to be released at Google I/O. Google has hosted a few Glass Foundry developer events but didn’t let anyone share details on the project, but we have a feeling the next month we’ll be learning a whole lot more about Glass.


Don’t let the talk in the news about bans at bars and strip clubs get you down. Google Glass will still be awesome! Just look at this parody video for an idea of the possibilities. All jokes aside, we haven’t received an email yet regarding Glass as we pre-ordered a pair, but rest assured we’ll update the second we hear more details. Google Now and Project Glass are potentially the future of Android – so stay tuned!

[via TechCrunch]



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