If recent events are any indication, Google is getting its Glass machinery into full gear again. After a recently held hackathon, the company is now opening the doors ever so slightly just so that developers can start buying their own smart eyewear.

After a period of relative silence, probably to make way for the Nexus 5 launch, Google has started warming up its engines again and brought Google Glass once more into the forefront. The first salvo included the announcement of a refreshed hardware and accessories for the device. That came with the announcement of an expanded Explorer program, whose fruits we may now be seeing.

Google has also been loading its guns on the Glassware development front. It concluded a two-day hackathon at San Francisco last week, where it teased what would soon be the native Glassware Development Kit or GDK. Then just yesterday, it opened up the Google Glass Mirror API to a wider audience, making it immediately available for any and all developers.

Now Google is taking the next step in introducing Glass to a wider audience, at least to the developer audience. Several developers have reported receiving invitations into the Explorer program, complete with purchase codes. Amusingly, some rather enterprising individuals have put up those codes on eBay auctions. So far, nothing has changed regarding the requirements and available colors and developers will still need to hand over $1,500 to get their hands on Glass.

VIA: Engadget